Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beautiful Skin n Hair

We all want beautiful hair, so we buy different types of products to treat our hair right?
Did you know that using regular shampoo is not good for our hair at all? So I want to share some tips of how we can get soft silky hair for all types of hair and to treat the hair.  Next, our skin. We all have dry skin, stretch marks, or dark spots that we all just hate, I found these remedies really helpful, so keep reading and hope it helps someone out there :)

Hair/skin Tip:

 -Before you get in the shower put COCONUT OIL all over your hair, wrap it with a plastic bag and put some heat on it with a blow dryer @ a low heat temp for about 2 minutes. After that you can also apply coconut oil all over your body- this is very helpful for DRY SKIN and also for people who have ECZEMA.
- Rinse your hair thoroughly put some shampoo in the palm of your hand but not so much, at least a penny size amount. Depending on how long your hair is if your hair is longer than the middle of your back put about a quarter size amount. Then conditioner.
- As for your body- rinse your body with warm Luke water and massage your skin gently- and soaping the necessary areas but not all over your body. 

If you like to put lotion after a shower- instead put a pea size amount of lotion that you wear and the same amount of coconut oil on your hand and rub it all over your body. This will DEFINITELY give your skin that almost moist soft feeling like a baby's skin. People who have skin problems like eczema- very important to wash your body in the morning and at night when doing this, but trust me IT WORKS!..

As for your hair- it will be a little oily so for those of you who have an oily head or afraid that it might be too oily- GO TO THE STORE and get some DRY SHAMPOO! or you can take a piece of toilet paper- put on your head and dust some baby powder!... isn't that great!..another HAIR TIP that one!

Finding coconut oil maybe hard to find but there are stores that sell it, like walgreens, walmart or any asian or islander store. IF YOU CANNOT find coconut oil- baby oil will work, but the smell is just the worst when you have it on your head so I recommend coconut oil instead because its natural and has a good smell- unless u dont wash your hair for 2DAYS...yuk!..lol..jk..I myself don't like to wash my hair everyday but every other would be good.

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist, so for those of you who have skin problems consult your doctor first to be on the safe side. But its just coconut oil so what could possible happen- or maybe if your allergic then SORRY... baby oil for u then :) lol jk.. I'm not no expert JUST ME SHARING cuz its CARING!..

YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS write to me- I look forward to answering them ..
Thank you all for even stopping by... means a lot .....LATERS!


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