Saturday, July 2, 2011

Home-made Black head removal

Hafa Adai!.. (in my language that means - Hello or a greeting)
Black heads are so gross and disgusting to look at. Today I'm going to share with you a tip that you can  use at your home that can help with removing black heads.

Usually we have those visible black heads on our nose and on the apples of our cheeks.

Here is a a quick, easy and really cheap way.

Tip- EGGS.... but we only want the white part.
  - we crack the egg into a bowl, excluding the yolk
  - then whisking it until you see bubbles or phoamy look to it.

Heres the thing be sure to have your toilet paper next to you because those are your strips.

After the egg, with a clean face- rub some on the parts where you want to remove the black heads. Then quickly take a piece of toilet paper and paste it on to  your face.

After you have paste and covered those areas- then its the waiting game. We want to wait until the toilet paper is completely dry and don't worry you'll know because the toilet paper will become really hard.

When you feel likes its ready- "slowly" pull of the strip in a direction that will pull of the black heads.
You will feel it pulling out those black heads- after that take a look and you'll see what was sitting there on  your face.  After doing all of that you want to wash your face with luke warm water and then cool water to close up the pores.  Be sure to moisturize your skin afterwards and you there you have it!... a home made black head removal.........

You want to do this at least once a week or twice is not too bad.

I hope you all find this helpful and please share your thoughts about it. Thanks and si yu'us ma'ase!

Island Luv

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