Sunday, July 3, 2011

Makeup remover at home!

For those of you who use makeup and we all probably know it, but I'd like to put it there for those who don't- so just keep on reading :)

Makeup remover is essential to removing your makeup- and we all know that it can be so expensive.
So why buy make remover constantly when you can use OLIVE OIL. Thats right!! Olive oil.....

Olive oil is the best way to remove makeup and plus this also gives your skin some moisture after rinsing it off.

Tip- Take a piece of cotton ball- or those flat cotton balls put the desired amount of olive oil and apply to the area.   Try not to get it into eye- its not harmful if it does.

This is also a good way to treat those with dry skin problems; eczema,psoriasis, etc.

I also sometimes use lotion to take of my eye makeup- taking a Q-tip- the lotion I use is Aveeno- apply on to the Q-tip and apply to the area.

Depending on what kind of make up remover you like, either liquid or towelettes- I think the towelettes are way better and probably last longer.  Another TIP=  BABY WIPES... Try it out and hope this was helpful for you.

Thank you and si yu'us ma'ase!


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